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SPACE San Diego - space-efficient furniture and multi-functional interior design solutions

URBAN TRANSFORMATIONS was founded by Beverly Feldman and Phil Feinberg in 2002. With so many multi-family high rise projects in development in the Downtown San Diego area, it made sense to specialize in transforming furnishings. Our brick and mortar store is an environment that excites the senses with motion, adjustability and fun you never knew was possible.

Not only do these kinetic items maximize the use and feel of your living space, they offer a healthier lifestyle. There is no need to squeeze too many pieces into your living space. With the ability to collapse furnishings on a whim, wide open spaces become areas for whatever the occasion - practicing your dance moves, stretching, or having the ease of serving a large dinner party.

Open sesame - abracadabra! There is more than meets the eye! 
Some of our pieces make you feel good by watching them change. Others get you moving to transform, adjust, or expand to your whims and ergo desires. 

More than a furniture store. Urban Transformations takes pride in demonstrating our products and showing animation to communicate the specialty solutions from designers and manufacturers from around the world. 

The opportunities are unlimited! URBAN TRANSFORMATIONS makes it easy to find unique products to make urban life more interesting.


  • San Diego Home and Garden Magazine
  • Downtown San Diego News
  • San Diego Magazine
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Featured on Kitty Bartholemew (HGTV) - Your Home

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